Artist Statement

Richard Mendelson was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in September, 1953, and has resided in Napa Valley since 1986. He is a graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University and Stanford Law School.

Mendelson's passion for art arises from his lifelong interest in body movement. As a long-time student, practitioner and teacher of yoga, tai chi and chi gung, Mendelson strives to evoke the maximum of energy and emotion from the minimum of material. According to the artist, "Most of my work is figurative and all of it is inspired by movement. The combination of metal's edges and solidity, surrounded by emptiness, allows me to express the human condition and its many facets: grandiose at times, often whimsical, always flowing." Collector Rene di Rosa of Di Rosa Preserve remarks: "Richard Mendelson creates metal that springs to life."

Mendelson's one-of-a-kind, indoor and outdoor sculptures are fabricated from steel and stainless steel. In addition to fabricating metal sculptures, Mendelson is one of Napa Valley's preeminent wine lawyers and grows and produces Mendelson Wines.

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Note:  All photographs on this site were taken by Robert M. Bruno and Kurt-Inge Eklund.

Wine In America

According to Christopher Edley, Jr., Dean of the University of California, Berkeley Law School, "Wine in America: Law and Policy (Wolters Kluwer 2011) is the first book of its kind in the U.S., covering the full range of important legal and related issues--past, present and future--of this multi-billion dollar industry. It's a rich blend of policy, law, business and more, brought to us by Richard Mendelson, an accomplished winemaker, distinguished legal practitioner, and inspiring law teacher."  Mendelson's other book, From Demon to Darling: A Legal History of Wine in America (University of California Press 2009) "provides the definitive background for understanding the competing legal, political, economic, and social forces shaping the ongoing evolution of America's wine culture." (The World of Fine Wine)


Spirit In Metal

"Richard Mendelson is a lawyer, winemaker, and one of America's leading authorities on wine law. In his 40s, his mother died suddenly and it plunged him into a period of reflection about the meaning of life. In the midst of this difficult passage, Richard discovered a new passion: working in metal. Bringing cold metal to life became a release, a renewal, a meditation, and an exciting new passion and personal awakening. In Spirit in Metal (Val de Grace Books 2011), Richard takes us along on this wonderful spiritual journey, and step by step we see and feel the birth of an artist."  To order copies of the book, contact the artist as the book was published in private edition only.

  Richard Mendelson at work

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